Garza Gazette and Aunt Gertie are Proud to Present Jane's Artist Residency

Aunt Gert Braggs on Jane's Amazing Artist Residency in None Other than the Beautiful Marthas Vineyard.  Yes, Folks that is the President's Watering-Hole we are talking about here.


Hello out there in cyberland Aunt Gert here to say Happy New Year to all of my friends and family; those that are solid and those that are in the vast and infinite cyberland. First off,  I just want to say I am so glad to back here at the Garza Gazette! This news girl went to Arizona and decided to stay a spell.  Well, to tell the truth, I think Jane was kind of happy I stayed awhile in the Sun City suburb in Phoenix area. I heard from a good source Jane thinks I am bossy and a know it all! Well, hell! At my age, I get to be bossy and I am a know it all at 76 years old I learned it all already! Besides Jane has her "projects" that keep her very busy.  And truth be told that girl makes some very good art I am proud to be related to her.  So, this week I decided to write about Jane's artist residency in Martha's Vineyard.

As far as what I have been up too in last year or so, put it this way while Jane sought truth and justice all around her,  I have been soaking up the sun with my main squeeze in Sun City Arizona! But that is another story folks so stay tuned for more in Gertie's Gossip column coming soon.

While I have been gone Jane has been working hard on her project, "I See Post". "I See Post", is in-depth look rural life in the Post Texas and across the rural Redlands. Jane has been working the project for 11 years now.  As a matter of fact, the Garza Gazette is part of her project. Well, thanks to her hard work and good subject matter Jane submitted the project to the Turkeyland Cove Foundations residency program in Martha's Vineyard. Jane was selected to attend the residency in October the most beautiful time year on the island.