Garza Gazette and Aunt Gertie are Proud to Present Jane's Artist Residency

Aunt Gert Braggs on Jane's Amazing Artist Residency in None Other than the Beautiful Marthas Vineyard.  Yes, Folks that is the President's Watering-Hole we are talking about here.


Hello out there in cyberland Aunt Gert here to say Happy New Year to all of my friends and family; those that are solid and those that are in the vast and infinite cyberland. First off,  I just want to say I am so glad to back here at the Garza Gazette! This news girl went to Arizona and decided to stay a spell.  Well, to tell the truth, I think Jane was kind of happy I stayed awhile in the Sun City suburb in Phoenix area. I heard from a good source Jane thinks I am bossy and a know it all! Well, hell! At my age, I get to be bossy and I am a know it all at 76 years old I learned it all already! Besides Jane has her "projects" that keep her very busy.  And truth be told that girl makes some very good art I am proud to be related to her.  So, this week I decided to write about Jane's artist residency in Martha's Vineyard.

As far as what I have been up too in last year or so, put it this way while Jane sought truth and justice all around her,  I have been soaking up the sun with my main squeeze in Sun City Arizona! But that is another story folks so stay tuned for more in Gertie's Gossip column coming soon.

While I have been gone Jane has been working hard on her project, "I See Post". "I See Post", is in-depth look rural life in the Post Texas and across the rural Redlands. Jane has been working the project for 11 years now.  As a matter of fact, the Garza Gazette is part of her project. Well, thanks to her hard work and good subject matter Jane submitted the project to the Turkeyland Cove Foundations residency program in Martha's Vineyard. Jane was selected to attend the residency in October the most beautiful time year on the island.  



The Garza Gazette Presents Aunt Gert's Christmas Houses of 2015

Hello Out there in cyberland! Aunt Gert here with 2015 Christmas houses.  A fine selection of Post City residents holiday spirit while celebrating the birth of the little king. 

Gerts Good Wishes for the New Year

January 2, 2015

Well Hello out there in cyberland! Gert here wishing all my cyber friends and family a Happy New Year! Well, folks here in Post City things have quieted down after the wonderful Christmas festivities. Never fear though things promise to liven up here in the near future. The weather has been colder than a penguin’s pecker if you’ll forgive me for saying so. Everyone seems to be staying in and hunkering down waiting for this cold to pass.


Things here the Gazette have also taken on a slower pace this week, for one thing, we had a great love story lined up for all you cyber savvy friends. Well as luck would have it she got a cruise for Christmas and took off with her true love before this news girl could get to her. She is off to Puerto Rico folks and I don’t expect to get my story until she returns in two weeks. Have fun Beth and call Gertie soon as you get back.


Sheriff’s Office Seeks Assistance from the Post Online Garage Sale Facebook page.

Citizens of Post City beware of a Pervert running around our fair city trying to abduct young girls. According to my source (post online garage sale Facebook page) our local sheriffs office has ask for all our help in apprehending a PERVERT! People this man is dangerous and was spotted on 10th and L trying to pick up a child. Would you believe Jane Lindsay lives right there. Well as you all know Gertie knows Jane real well ( she is our staff photographer) and I spoke with her. She said she saw the Sheriff had someone pulled over right in front of her apartment but they let him go in the end. This man is described as a 30 to 40 year old Latino male, driving a silver car. If you see this person call the sheriff and get away from him.

Mr. Pervert as far as I can see you have a couple of options. One is to turn yourself in and do the right thing; go to prison! The other option Gertie feels is even better is find a deserted 5-story building go to the top jump! Or do us all a favor and end your miserable existence on this earth in anyway that does not cause harm or leave an unfair mess for any of us to clean up. What ever you decide Mr. Pervert know here in Post City we are watching you and you best get out of town before some good ole boy opens up a can of whoop ass you! Calling all Good Ole Boys!

Well folks stay tuned for more in the coming days, I plan on expanding the Gazette to offer other good stuff.

For this new year make a goal to love yourself and others! Practice kindness on a daily basis and don’t be or hang out with a holes.

Chow Gert

Garza Gazette: Stories, Recipes and Happenings in my small town


December 10. 2014

Hello cyber land my name is Gert Johnson (my friends call me Gertie) and I am starting a blog about my rural west Texas homeland.   This blog will have all kinds of stories, happenings, and recipes and of course a good bit of gossip in Gertie’s gossip column.  I hope all yall out there will subscribe and keep the Garza Gazette in your prayers.  People if your wondering why on earth I think I have a story read on and enjoy!



Waiting for the Bell chior.

Waiting for the Bell chior.



Last week I went to the wonderful ceremony to light the downtown Christmas. There I was staring into one of the lovely Christmas bells (see below) and the idea came to me almost like a message from the almighty God. The message was make blog, become a neighbor, invest in your community so here I am with the first ever blog post in the new and very interesting Garza Gazette.

Bells of Glory

Bells of Glory


The ceremony was really nice Judge Norman and Harry gave a presentation and the bell choir rang out some very nice Christmas tunes and best of all the children’s choir from the first Baptist school sang their praises to the memory of the little king. The skies were cloudy but the temperature was mild  giving the appearance of a wintery day but instead pretty darn nice outside. Ole Gert got to see her  good friends Janice and Rosa and wave to Harry and the Judge from a far.














Well on the way home I had to stop and make one more picture it was truly a beautiful night. So long for now and stay tuned for Gerties take on the Christmas parade.



Ps don’t forget to have a look at Gerts gossip column and Gerties Good Recipes!

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